Browse through an eclectic mix of captioned images and short stories.

Olympic rowers, Richard and Peter Chambers, learn about the challenges facing many children responsible for collecting water in south west Uganda.

A simple gallery of commercial portraits shot across 16 countries.

Saferworld's 25th anniversary exhibition, Communities First, tells the stories of individuals and communities in South Sudan, their challenges, and the drive for positive change. 

Lymphatic filariasis, often known as elephantiasis, is a devastating parasitic worm infection spread by mosquitoes that affects 120 million people.

David Griffiths considers the transformative power of recognition in a TEDx talk about the thinking behind 'Being Untouchable'.

A series of intimate portraits illustrating the injustice, poverty and inequality suffered by many of India's 167 million Dalits.

For the people of one of the world's newest and poorest nations, the legacy of East Timor's violent past merges with the daily struggle to survive.

Another innocent community caught in the crossfire as factions skirmish to gain control over Congo's vast mineral wealth.

Three airmen from the Japanese First Air Fleet involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor share their experiences and the acts of reconciliation that followed.